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Credit & Debit Card Safety Over The Holidays

  • By Bruce
  • 30 Nov, 2017
There is no doubt that banks will be working hard to protect customers from fraud during the Christmas shopping and holiday period by monitoring accounts for suspicious activity, however, it’s also important that customers take some simple precautions as well.
Here are some simple security tips to remember and practice during this busy season!
1. DO guard your PIN and Internet banking passwords

Don’t tell anyone your PIN or confidential Internet banking passwords or logon. Don’t keep a record of the PIN or Internet banking passwords anywhere near your credit or debit card. Be aware that there is no reason to provide your PIN or passwords to anyone under any circumstances, including a telephone call purportedly from your bank. Only use the PIN for electronic transactions, don’t use it for other purposes, for example your video store password, which you repeat aloud to the salesperson.
2. DO always check your statements

Always check your card statements promptly and reconcile them to your purchase slips. It is important that you immediately advise your bank or card issuer of any unauthorised activity.
3. DO provide your bank with telephone contacts and travel plans

It’s important for a bank to have up-to-date phone numbers on their systems in case they need to contact you to discuss fraudulent activity on your account. Inform the bank of changes to your mobile, work or home phone number. Provide the bank with details of your trip plans before you go overseas as well as a contact phone number where bank staff can reach you overseas.
4. DO keep a record of your credit and debit card information in a safe place

If your card is lost or stolen, the faster you are able to provide your bank with details of the card the better. Banks provide emergency phone numbers to call to report the loss – keep these numbers handy.
5. DO make sure your card is returned by the salesperson

Make it a priority to get your card back after completing a purchase. Sometimes cards are intentionally retained by salespeople in order to later commit fraud.
6. DO secure your card

Make sure you know where your card is located at all times. Make sure it is secure to minimize the risk of theft. If you are expecting a card to be delivered in the mail, ensure your mailbox can be locked and that you check it regularly for the card’s arrival. If your card does not arrive within a reasonable time of you ordering the card or being advised by your bank that a card is being sent to you, advise your bank.
7. DO review your card limit

You may wish to lower your credit card limit which would prevent a criminal spending more than the determined amount if the card was ever lost or stolen. You need to balance this decision with ensuring your card limit is appropriate to your spending needs.
8. DO be alert for suspicious activity around ATMs

When entering your PIN at the ATM machine, look around to see that no-one is watching. ‘Shoulder surfing’ usually happens at ATMs or public phones. Criminals may watch you from a nearby location, or behind you in a queue, as you key in your PIN. They may also listen in on your conversation if you give your credit card number over the phone, for example, when making a hotel reservation or booking a rental car.
Be aware if there is a group of individuals around the ATM acting suspiciously. If you see a device that doesn't look part of the normal ATM operation do not remove it. Keep reasonable distance and telephone police. If you are suspicious for any reason, contact your bank or the police and await further instruction. Do not put yourself at risk!
We hope all of you stay and spend safe this holiday season! Keep up-to-date on what’s happening in today’s fascinating world of financials by following our blog! Should you require more information on buying or renting a cash ATM for your business or special event, contact us today at Debit Express!

Business News

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By Bruce 30 Nov, 2017
There is no doubt that banks will be working hard to protect customers from fraud during the Christmas shopping and holiday period by monitoring accounts for suspicious activity, however, it’s also important that customers take some simple precautions as well.
By Bruce 25 Oct, 2017
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Bitcoins are the first decentralized digital currency that can be transferred from person-to-person via the Internet without the need for a bank, financial institution, or government body. For the past few years there has been a lot of buzz about the virtual money called Bitcoin. In fact, bitcoin has risen nearly 900% in two years!
By Bruce 24 Aug, 2017
There are ATMs and there are Vending Machines, but what about the new magical combination that’s a little bit a both – look no further than the Pizza ATM®! Distributed by French company Paline , the Pizza ATM® boasts 24-hour pizza availability, 365 days a year!
By Bruce 20 Jul, 2017
The year 2017 is almost certain to be a milestone year for the ATM — not only because it marks the 50th anniversary of the first installed machine, but also because it heralds the beginning of the industry’s reinvention of the ATM as a next-gen banking device.

As a technology pioneer in the collective process of innovation that accelerated in the 1960s throughout Europe, America, and Japan, principal co-founder of the ATM, Shepherd-Barron, certainly deserved his Lifetime Achievement Award from ATMIA lin 2006.
By Bruce 14 Jun, 2017
Even as the number of digital payment methods available to consumers continues to rise – it’s plain to see that cash is still king. Cash remains the number one choice for a large number of Canadian consumers – for a large number of reasons. Some people prefer the ease of cash in completing transactions, while others feel more confident in the security offered by using cash.

With that in mind, the use of physical money is likely going to stay in the mainstream for the foreseeable future. So, if you still haven’t, now may be the perfect time to buy an ATM machine for your business.
By Bruce 06 Mar, 2017
Technology has advanced dramatically since the advent of the ATM and this channel has to keep up with the rest of the world. The latest generation of ATMs offer great opportunities to interact with customers and build a strong visual brand image at the same time.
While mobile and online banking usage is significantly increasing, the ATM is still of great importance for consumers. ATMs are cropping up in ever more diverse locations – ATMs are found in shops, hotels, gas stations, airports and ‘on the go businesses,’ among many other places, offering a wide range of transactions. Given the continued use of ATMs, it is even more important that the consumer experience at the ATM is intuitive and fulfilling.

The right ATM technology enables banks to transform their ATM estate and ensure they can consistently satisfy customer expectations today and in the future. Being able to easily upgrade devices to take into account emerging trends and shifts in consumer expectations, can also help boost branch efficiency and increase revenue over time as consumer behaviour evolves.

In a world where many ATMs remain utilitarian in their design, combining a user-friendly personalized interface and the newest, most powerful and efficient ATM technology allows a brand's personality to really break through and stand out from the crowd.

We Can Help…
At Debit Express, we can help your business recognize how emerging innovations in ATM’s are reshaping the way today’s consumers interact with tomorrow’s economy. For more information, contact Debit Express today!
By Bruce 06 Mar, 2017
People born between 1981 and 2005 are an 80-million-member juggernaut that is bigger and more diverse than any generation before it. For the financial services industry, millennials mean business.

Their lifestyle and preferences represent a dramatic shift that’s just getting started.
Did you know over half have played 10,000 hours of video games before age 18? Still years away from their peak earning years, they’re already transforming how we’re finding, deciding on and paying for products and services. With phone in hand, they’re on their own schedule and getting things accomplished with a swipe and tap.

How Do You Compete?

Accommodate the desire for ‘on-the-go convenience.’
Let’s face it, millennials are tied to smartphones, laptops and tablets, making it vital as a business to have services that work well across all platforms. In the millennials’ world, there is an app for everything.
For the banking industry and merchants to capture the hearts and minds of millennial forces, they need to keep innovating ways in which consumers can pay for purchases, manage transactions, learn, or ask questions. That being said, it makes sense to keep increasing pioneering services that can deliver convenience of on-the-go, around-the-clock accessibility.
We Can Help…

At Debit Express, we can help your business recognize how emerging innovations are reshaping the way today’s consumers interact with tomorrow’s economy. For more information on providing more ‘on-the-go convenience’ in your small business, contact Debit Express today!
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